Is there a future for renewable energy?

The future for certain renewable technologies in the UK appears to be on the wain, if the planet is to survive – if its not already too late then something more drastic needs to done to achieve this.

The only solution is that all homes should be powered by electric only after all when we receive it from the grid it is clean energy, the problem is at the grid the production of electric is a wasteful process but are the energy producers going to do something about this? Probably not because for them to divest huge amounts to develop cleaner more sustainable ways is going to make the shareholders unhappy and quite simply they put profit before anything else.

After all what would be there advantage to spend there huge profits so we can have a cheaper cleaner form of energy, in this day and age no new home should have access to gas to heat, cook and provide hot water in there home. It is dangerous, highly polluting and poisonous and about as innovative as a stone age fire. Oh ,and the real cruncher is that its going to run out very soon – unless the fracking cowboys have there way and really fuck up OUR Planet.

The bottom line is electric needs to be the same cost as what we are currently paying for gas, then our homes can go all electric as it is non-polluting, clean, and more energy efficient. When we have this our mentality will shift to producing more energy efficient products, then products such as heat pumps with the right investment would make leaps and bounds in low cost energy production.

Somehow though I get the feeling that is the last thing our energy gangsters want, you only have to look back in history and look at the treatment meted out to innovative pioneers and the treatment they received some strangely just disappeared. Funny that isn’t it!


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