Types of pipe used for underfloor heating.

Strange that when years ago we decided to install underfloor heating years ago we made the decision to only install the very best products and that when it came to underfloor heating pipe that it had to be polyethylene pipe.

I know this is a really boring subject and most people don’t give a ‘monkeys ass’ when it comes down to that white bendy stuff with the hole running down the middle but then why bother having pipe made from different materials in the first place?

The answer is simple polybutelene pipe is cheaper to manufacturer than polyethylene the bottom line is you’ve guessed it it is nowhere near as good. Polybutelene pipe is the stuff they use for outside water mains not a problem when after a few years it start to get porous outside but is it the ideal choice for installing in your home?

The thing with polyethylene pipe is that in the manufacturing process the plastic molecules are cross linked and interwoven with one another thereby this makes the pipe very stable enabling it to withstands lower and higher pressures and withstand lower and higher temperatures.

Cross-linking in polyethylene pipe also provides stability in chemical corrosion guess what there are chemicals even in your drinking water and also this stability provides longevity over polybutelene pipe regardless what the guarantee  says.

Finally and maybe most surprising but did you know that in the U.S and Canada they don’t allow polybutelene pipe – I wonder why?


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